7 Common Pregnancy Exercise Myths Busted

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    "Takes the guesswork out of exercising during your pregnancy." Sadie Nine, BBC

    An informative review of the most heard common pregnancy exercise myths to clear up the confusion about what you should or shouldn't do when exercising during your pregnancy. Backed by the latest research from a trusted source.

    Feel empowered to make informed decisions for a fitter stronger body during pregnancy while growing a healthy, happy baby.

    This guide was created to help pregnant women looking to maintain their exercise routine or start an exercise routine have peace of mind to be fit and strong for birth, and keep or improve body tone.

    Exercise plays such an important role in keeping you and your baby healthy during pregnancy and the benefits for both mother and baby are now well recognised.

    However, it can be daunting to sift through the advice on exercise during pregnancy, which is often conflicting and confusing, to try to figure out what's best for your body and growing a baby. That's where this guide comes in. Vicky Warr, takes 7 of the most common myths you read or hear including 'don't lift your arms overhead' to 'avoid lifting more than 10 lbs' and 'don't do any exercises for your abdominals' and she's done the hard work, research and combined her 2 decades worth of experience and knowledge to give you the facts, clarify the truth and provide tips so you can ensure you exercise safely with peace of mind.

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